XVI Russian Bond Congress

December 6—7, 2018, Saint-Petersburg
Holiday Inn Moskovskye Vorota (97A Moskovsky Pr.)
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Cbonds announces the first open meeting of the CBONDS Talks speaker club as part of XVI Russian Bond Congress in Saint Petersburg on December 6-7!


CBONDS Talks will be organized in the format of the world-famous TED conference featuring a number or nuances and additions:


  • The speaker club will start working at the beginning of the second congress day on December 7, 2018 in the framework of the official business agenda
  • Any registered Russian Bond Congress participant can take part in it and be a speaker (you need to sign up in advance*)
  • The time slot for one speech is fixed; it must not exceed 10 minutes. When the time is up the speaker will be stopped regardless of the fact if the speech is finished or not
  • Speeches can be made in Russian or in English
  • You can use slides in your speech
  • The speech must be related to financial markets in Russia and worldwide and cover one of the following topics:
  • Cryptoworld – everything related to crypto currencies and the way they impact financial markets
  • Black Swans – where will the next black swans come from (and will they or not)?
  • Opportunities – what opportunities are open for Russian financial market players in the current geopolitical conditions?
  • Networking – how to find new people in the financial community and keep in contact with
  • Decentralization – how to find new people in the financial community and keep in contact with
  • Securities – everything related to securities, such as investment ideas, deal structuring, market regulation, etc.
  • The speech should reflect the speaker’s personal opinion on the selected topic and cannot contain advertising of any product
  • After all speeches, the audience will vote (in a mobile app) and choose the best speaker of XVI Russian Bond Congress. The best speaker will get a reward

* To sign up to make a speech you should contact Ekaterina Gritsenco at kate@cbonds.info informing her about the topic and bullet point of your speech. Your request is considered to be accepted only if you get a confirmation from the conference producer.