Cbonds CEE Bond Conference

22 февраля 2018, Прага
The President Hotel Prague
Мероприятие завершено


The Cbonds CEE Bond Conference format was very well-timed. It was once again confirmed when talking to conference participants. The Investor interest in this region is very high, first of all, institutional investor interest. It is also a good opportunity for potential Issuers to raise required financing in the public market in the coming years. A friendly and comfortable environment created by the participants is also worth mentioning, during both business and informal communication. I would like to wish Cbonds continued success in promoting the CEE and CIS bond market. You should turn this event into an annual tradition for the sake of sharing information.

Oleg Doronin, Head of Corporate finance, Baltic International Bank

This was the first CBonds Conference in which I participated, both as a panellist and as a listener to other presentations. The conference was very well organized, the topics were interesting and relevant. It was my pleasure to share the views on the CEE region with the other participants during both the official and informal parts of the conference. I believe that a new tradition of the CBonds CEE Conferences was established and will be developing successfully.

Radomir Jáč, Chief Economic, Generali Investments CEE

Thank you very much for organizing 2018 CEE Bond Conference in Prague. It was truly remarkable from informational, networking and audience combination perspective, plus hospitality and service were certainly top notch. Great venue and great people. Excellent networking opportunities in EM FI space , plus comprehensive Macro and HY panels from Top Investments institutions.

Olga Hibezh, HY, DIstressed Sales, Southey Capital

Wide cover of CEE markets, even the smallest ones, it is an opportunity to get in touch with people from various countries of the target region too, that is why you should attend this kind of conference.

Marco Ripamonti