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Презентация Cbonds

21 ноября 2019, Стамбул
Swissotel The Bosphorus (Visnezade Mah. Acisu Sok,19)
Мероприятие завершено

О конференции

During the presentation, Sergey Lyalin, PhD, founder and CEO of Cbonds will make an introduction of our company background and will focus on the international development of our bond data provider.

After this introduction, the Head of our International Department, Alessandro Lombardo, will present the new version of Cbonds website.

The new version of Cbonds website has been completely redesigned in terms of design and user interface with a much accelerated processing speed.
Cbonds decided to aggregate not only 300.000 bond and Eurobond information: full access to indexes and to the equity market is now available.

About Cbonds:
Started in 2001 as a local data provider for corporate bonds in Russia, Cbonds (www.cbonds.com) now covers international and domestic bond markets in 170 countries. The scope of data at Cbonds constantly grows and Cbonds is becoming a global provider of fixed income information.
Cbonds database gives the detailed information on each bond, including extensive descriptive data, prospectuses, ratings (issuer rating and bond rating) from global rating agencies (Moody’s, S&P, Fitch) and local rating agencies. The platform provides daily bond pricing from 300 primary sources (Stock Exchanges, OTC and Market participants), bond cash flow, bond indices. The research library and monthly overview of the market grants you some additional understanding of the current trends. Our powerful search options allow to easily find a bond due to the specific preferences.
Analytical tools as graphic opportunities allow visualization of bond price/yield dynamics; comparing a few markets in terms of yield curve; bond calculator helps to calculate YTM, duration and advanced metrics of each bond.
We provide a very sophisticated and user-friendly mobile App, as a way to always be connected with the bond market wherever you are.
The Excel Add-in tool saves your time and delivers bond data directly in Excel.
Today Cbonds has now institutional and private subscribers from more than 70 countries all over the world.
Языки:  Английский
Ожидаемое количество участников:  50

Организаторы и партнеры

Генеральные информационные партнеры


  • Лялин Сергей
    генеральный директор, Группа компаний Cbonds
  • Ломбардо Алессандро
    Head of Client Relationship Department, Группа компаний Cbonds
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