Online Seminar: Middle East and Asian Bond Market Seminar

28 июля 2020, Онлайн
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Participation is free of charge.
Video of the seminar is available here.

Since 2010 Cbonds has been arranging engaging events devoted to capital markets, bringing industry professionals together to share their expertise.

This year the event has been transformed into an online format, giving professionals and private investors everywhere the chance to join the discussion.

Reputed macro analysts, portfolio managers and private bankers will share their thoughts on the financial market situation and how it has been impacted by the coronavirus. Experienced portfolio managers will share ideas on the best strategies for building a diversified portfolio.
Языки:  Английский
Ожидаемое количество участников:  200
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  • Шривиджай Какирде
  • Мария Лаврова
    +7 (812) 336-97-21 *226
  • Лялин Сергей
    генеральный директор, Группа компаний Cbonds
  • Какирде Шривиджай
  • Tsai Stanley
    Managing Director of Financial Institutions Ratings, Pengyuan Credit Rating (CSCI)
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