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Financial Market Instruments for Corporations and SMEs: Kazan Session

November 12, 2021, Kazan
IT-Hotel (52 Peterburgskaya st.)


The Russian financial market is actively developing and attracting both new investors (the number of investors on the Moscow Exchange in 2020 exceeded 5 million) and new issuers. At the same time such tools as issuing bonds or conducting an IPO can also be used by medium-sized and sometimes even small businesses, however, earlier these instruments were available only to the largest corporations. In 2020 small and medium-sized businesses carried out 80 bond issues; a significant part of these companies based in the regions of Russia. More information about how to use the instruments of the Russian financial market will be discussed during the planned conference. Professional organizers will talk about the issuance procedure, legal aspects, and requirements for issuers of SMEs, as well as share their experience in introducing SMEs to the public borrowing market. We will also discuss traditional money market instruments and hedging of currency and interest rate risks. And in conclusion, there will be a section dedicated to attracting a strategic investor and preparing the company for an IPO.
Languages:  Russsian
Expected number of participants:  100
Link to previous conferencehttp://cbonds-congress.com/events/663
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  • Bobovnikov Andrey
    Director for Corporate Issuers, Ivolga Capital
  • Lyalin Sergey
    CEO, Cbonds Group
  • Mitrofanov Pavel
    Managing Director for Corporate and Sovereign Ratings, Expert RA
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Participants (47)
  • Abdurashitov Ildar
  • Alekseytsev Vyacheslav
  • Bobovnikov Andrey
    Ivolga Capital
  • George Renata
    MR Ventures
  • Leonov Denis
  • Oficerova Liliya
  • Plotnikov Roman
    Investment company RR Development
  • Popov Roman
    KOMOS Group
  • Rubinstein Mark
    AK BARS Bank
  • Syrkina Evgenia
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