X Cbonds Fixed Income Conference

9 ноября 2023 г.
Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Waterfront (Al Abraaj Street, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE)
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X Cbonds Fixed Income Conference brings together experts and professionals from the fixed income market. The conference aims to provide valuable insights on the latest developments, trends, and investment opportunities in the fixed income sector. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from distinguished speakers, engage in panel discussions, and network with industry leaders. The conference is a must-attend event for anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the rapidly changing fixed income market.

The conference will feature four main agendas:

1. Macroeconomics: This agenda will focus on the broader economic landscape and its impact on fixed income investments. Distinguished speakers will discuss key macroeconomic indicators and trends, including inflation, interest rates, and monetary policy, and provide insights into how these factors may affect fixed income investments.

2. Global Investment Ideas: This panel will explore investment opportunities and ideas in the global fixed income market. Experts will share their insights and recommendations on specific sectors and instruments that have the potential to generate attractive returns. Additionally, there will be a specific focus on sukuk, highlighting emerging opportunities in the Islamic finance market.

3. MENA Investment Insights: This session will evaluate the economic and market conditions in the Middle East and North Africa. It will provide an in-depth analysis of investment opportunities available in MENA fixed income markets.

4. Investment Ideas: Other Emerging Markets: This panel will delve into strategies for managing regulatory and political uncertainties within emerging markets. It will spotlight promising emerging markets for fixed income investment, assess the risk-return profiles of such investments, and present compelling investment ideas.

Note: The conference will also include panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities, allowing participants to interact with the speakers and each other, share insights and perspective, and build connections within the fixed income investment community.

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Ожидаемое количество участников: 150

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  • Сусская Анита
    Руководитель отдела международных долговых рынков, Cbonds
  • Kadir Hussain Abdul
    Managing Director, Fixed Income Asset Management, Arqaam Capital Limited
  • Osakovsky Vladimir
    EEMEA Economist, Sovereign Credit and Equity Strategist, BofA Securities
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Участники — 140

  • Stagno Angelo
    Banctrust Investment Bank Ltd
  • Wurmbock Arrigo
    SFI Markets B.V.
  • Ben Ahmad Ahmad
    Commercial Bank of Dubai
  • Gursale Bhupali
    National Bonds Corporation
  • Cohen Alexis
    Marex Financial Products
  • Саркисян Грайр
    Sirius Capital
  • Padmasanka Maurya
    Greenback Capital
  • Гоцев Павел
    ИФК Солид
  • Чирчикбаев Акылжан
    Банк Ипак Йули
  • Glazunova Anna
    UGM Securities
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